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Our story flows between independent decisions, innovative viewpoints and the impetus to transform relations into a source of growth.



The first Italian fiction on the world of low-cost dentistry.

Professional actors and medical personell reveal behind the scenes stories about the networkto expand the brand's digital audience.


Mon Perin

Omnichannel storytelling for Istria's fourth-largest tourist structure.

The land and its peoplee are revealed thanks to a storytelling strategy designed for an international promotion for new tourists.


Health Croatia

The founding and launch of the European low-cost dentistry and opthalmology start-up.

An innovative businesses model meets digital promotion to consolidate trust in the Croatian model.



The digital transformation of the Electrification division in Italy.

For four years we have accompanied Business, Marketing, Communication and HR in the innovation of the brand's go-to-market. Bocconi SDA issues a case study.



The storytelling of the vision of a territorial brand, home to EXPO 2015.

Contamination with the students of the Politecnico di Milano guides the re-launch of the centre's digital identity.



Development of a product's digital identity, based on data.

The brand's first product go-to-market on Amazon opens the door to the promotion of an additional 37 references in the next 18 months.


Novo Nordisk

Go-to-market in the pharmacy to raise awareness on the topic of obesity.

Digital strategy steers the Danish brand's national omnichannel campaign: over 200 participating pharmacies in one year.



The transformation of marketing processes to valorize the offer of the world's 5th ranking Design University.

The new digital go-to-market model guides the promotion of the brand's leading Masters courses.


Beta, Behind the box

Superbike storytelling meets brand loyalty.

An innovative sponsorship model for the racing market accompanies Twig's and Superbike team GYTR - GRT YAMAHA partnership.


Teva Social Connect

The digital platform to consolidate the relationship between users and pharmacies, through social communication.

With over 2.500 registered pharmacies, the Italian version kicks off the implementation in the Netherlands and Canada as well.

Niccolò Brocchi Niccolò Brocchi
Niccolò Brocchi Executive Advisor LinkedIn
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Marco Ronchi CEO LinkedIn
Fabrizio Speranza Fabrizio Speranza
Fabrizio Speranza Process Manager LinkedIn
Katia Goldoni Katia Goldoni
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Simone Dall'Angelo Executive Advisor LinkedIn
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Matteo Verlato Founder LinkedIn
Giulia Sormani Giulia Sormani
Giulia Sormani Executive Advisor LinkedIn
Umberto Dolcini Umberto Dolcini
Umberto Dolcini Project Coordinator & Strategic Designer LinkedIn
Caterina Petroni Caterina Petroni
Caterina Petroni Strategic Designer LinkedIn
Francesca De Fanis Francesca De Fanis
Francesca De Fanis Sales & Communication Coordinator LinkedIn
Serena Ballabio Serena Ballabio
Serena Ballabio Project Coordinator & Service Designer LinkedIn
Rita Marujo Rita Marujo
Rita Marujo Project Coordinator & Digital Strategist LinkedIn
Davide Morittu Davide Morittu
Davide Morittu 3D & Motion specialist LinkedIn
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Pietro Biffi Developer LinkedIn
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Silvia Barozzi Project Coordinator & Digital Strategist LinkedIn
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Cristiano Callegari Cristiano Callegari
Cristiano Callegari Copywriter LinkedIn
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Paolo Locatelli Developer LinkedIn
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Giulia Maffioli Brigatti Digital Marketing Specialist LinkedIn
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Emilia Iuliano People & Communication Manager LinkedIn
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