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Vision Twig
Our vision

Our vision

We believe in strategic design, as a discipline particularly suited to understanding people.

In marketing, to meet needs through effective, responsible, up to the minute market solutions.

In digital communication, to assist brands in promoting their values with courage and positivity.

The bond with the territory

The bond
with the territory

Almost no one in Twig was born in Milan, but 100% of Twig chose Milan. This is the nexus from which we spread our revolution, in support of businesses from all over.

From API (Small and Medium Enterprises Association) to Ospedale dei Bambini di Milano, to non-profits such as San Fedele or L'Abilità, to the townships of the Bergamo area hit hard by the pandemic (Cooperativa Rapsoidea and Progetto Grafite), we work with dedication to show how digital transformation creates opportunities to put people back at the center of things, and to prove that if we combine our efforts, change is possible.